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Individual Record for: Sarah Jane Martin (female)

    William Martin
  Solomon P. Martin      Family Record
Sarah Jane Martin      Family Record  
  Eliza J. Hale      Family Record

Spouse Children
Martin Van Buren Smith
  (Family Record)
Matilda Louisa Smith
Mary Smith
Lora Helen Smith
Annie E. Smith
Thomas C. Smith
Dora Barbara Smith

Event Date Details
Birth 6 MAY 1850 Place: Redlick Mtn, Johnson, Arkansas
Death 1890/1898 Place: , Johnson, Arkansas
Burial   Place: , Johnson, Arkansas - Mt. Vernon Cemetery
Ancestral File (TM)
!NAME:Sarah Jane Martin

!NAME:Sarah Jane Martin - (AFN: 18G7-KGS), (AFN: 1LJP-ZS), same person, source L.D.S., Ances tral File.

!CENSUS: 1850 Johnson County, Arkansas census. Perry Township. October 21, 1850. Stamped Page , 148-B.
Solomon P. Martin Age, 30. (m) Farmer South Carolina.
Eliza J. [Martin] Age, 25. (f) Born Tennessee.
James E. [Martin] Age, 4. (m) Born Arkansas.
Sarah Jane [Martin] 2/12 (f) Born Arkansas.
[Ibid:] [Following the above]
William Hale Age, 39. (m) Farmer. Born Tennessee.
Rheuhana [Hale] Age, 25. (f) Born Indiana
James C. [Hale] Age, 6. (m) Born Arkansas.
Mary S. [Hale] Age, 5. (f) Born Arkansas.
Sarah E. [Hale] Age, 2. (f) Born Arkansas.
[Ibid:] [Following the above]
Job Hale Age, 70. (m) Farmer. Born Virginia.
Kariah [Hale] Age, 50. (f) Born North Carolina.
Joel W. [Hale] Age, 17 (m) Farmer. Born Arkansas.
James C. Hale Age, 28. (m) Farmer. Born Tennessee.
NOTE - First wife of Solomon P. MARTIN was Eliza J., & Keith Elwood Morris of Long Beach, Cal ifornia thinks that Eliza J's maiden name was HALE, since they were living near the above HAL E families.

!CENSUS: 1860 Johnson County, Arkansas census. Spadra Township. Stamped Page Number, 1102. Ju ly 23, 1860.
S. J. Martin Age, 38 (m) Farmer. /500 Born Alabama.
Louisa [Martin] Age, 28. (f) Born Tennessee.
James [Martin] Age, 12. (m) Born Arkansas.
Sarah J. [Martin] Age, 9. (f) Born Arkansas.
John [Martin] Age, 6. (m) Born Arkansas.
Elizabeth [Martin] Age, 5. (f) Born Arkansas.
Matilda [Martin] Age, 3. (f) Born Arkansas.
William [Martin] Age, 1. (m) Born Arkansas.

!CENSUS: 1870 ?

!MARRIAGE: Jefferson Co. Courthouse, Mt. Vernon, IL, Marriage Register, Vol. 2, 1863 - 1875 ( LDS film #1004738). MARRIAGE REGISTER, JEFFERSON COUNTY 1871, Date of License and No. 29, Feb y 10, 1871., Male., SMITH Martin V., Female., Sarah J. MARTIN, When Married., Feby 10, 1871 , J.L. ABAY J.P., When Returned, Feby 14, 1871.

!CENSUS: 1880 Franklin County, Illinois census. Cave Township. Stamped Page, 585-B. June 19 , 1880.
Smith Martin (w)(m) Age, 36. married. Works on Farm. Can not read, yes. Can not write, yes.Bo rn Illinois. Father born Kentucky. Mother born Tennessee.
[Smith] Sarah (w)(f) Age, 28. Wife. married. Keeping House. Can not read, yes. Can not write , yes. Born Arkansas. Father born Arkansas. Mother born Arkansas.
[Smith] Matilda (w)(f) Age, 6. Daughter. Single. Born Illinois. Father born Illinois. Mothe r born Arkansas.
[Smith] Mary (w)(f) Ager, 4. Daughter. Single. Born Illinois. Father born Illinois. Mother bo rn Arkansas.

!PENSION: National Archives and Records Administration,Washington, D.C., Pension File of Civ il War Veteran, Martin Van Buren SMITH. Pension File Number #298,955. Western Div. 3-173 M.R. W. Ex'r., Ind - ctf No. 298,955, Martin V. SMITH, Pm-Co. D & A, 110 Reg't Ill. Vols., DEPARTM ENT OF THE INTERIOR, Bureau of Pensions, Wash. D.C. June 1, 1898: In response to a questionai re sent, Mr.Martin V. SMITH, Clarksville, AR, states that his wife is dead, her maiden nam e being Sarah J. MARTIN; that they were married in Jefferson Co. IL by Ad Bay, J.P. Feb. 1873 ; that a marriage record is on file at the Records Office at Mt. Vernon, IL; that he was prev iously married to a Lizzie HAYES, and divorced in 1871 without children, Divorce record at Mt . Vernon, IL; that he has 6 children living - Matilda born Jan. 1876, Mary b. Jan. 1875?, Lor a H. b. Feb. 1883, Annie b. June 1885, Thomas b. 1 Feb. 1888, Barbara b. May or June 1890. Re ply siged by: Martin V. SMITH, 14 June 1898. Witness: J.N. TARBER. DECLARATION FOR CHILDREN U NDER SIXTEEN YEARS OF AGE, Act of June 27, 1890, State of Arkansas, County of Johnson: 6 Sep . 1898, John T. MARTIN, age 45, applies for a pension, he states that he is the legal guardia n of Annie, Thomas and Barbary SMITH, legitimate children of Martin V. SMITH, who enlisted un der the name of Martin V. SMITH in Co. D & A 110th Regt of Ills Inf Vols & was a Pensioner No . Certificate 298,955, Chicago, Ills Agency, and served at least 90 days in the war of the re bellian, in the service of the U.S., and was Honorably discharged and died July 8th 1898; tha t he left no widow; that the names and dates of birth of all the surviving children under 1 6 were: Annie SMITH born 8 Sep. 1884, Thomas SMITH born 1 Feb. 1888 and Barbary SMITH born 2 5 June 1890; that the father was married under the name of Martin V. SMITH to Sarah J. MARTIN . Signed by: J.T. MARTIN. Witnesses: Volmy HOWELL and J.G.WILLIAMS. LETERS OF GUARDINASHIP, S tate of Arkansas, Co. of Johnson: July 23,1989, J.T. MARTIN is appointed Guardina for Annie , Thomas and Barbara SMITH, minors under the age of 14.

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