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Here is what I have discovered about my mother's family, the Glenn line. Note that any information that is not sourced should be considered speculative, and should be used only as a guide. Some dates and names are from trees compiled by other individuals, and if sources are not noted, the information provided has not been verified.

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The Lewis Sion Glenn Family

It is believed (but unsourced) that Lewis Sion Glenn (b. 22 December 1851, Marion County, Arkansas, d. 2 July 1939, Colcord, Delaware County, Oklahoma) married Eliza (or Elisa) C. Casey (b. 19 MAY 1858, Marion County, Arkansas, d. 19 AUG 1878, Marion County, Arkansas) on 22 November 1872 in Marion County Arkansas. He had three children (that I know of) by her:

  • William "Billy" Franklin Glenn (b. 10 OCT 1873, Bloomfield, Benton County, Arkansas, d. 5 JAN 1972, Plainview, Hale County, Texas)1,2, my great-grandfather.
  • Sarah Catherine Glenn (b. 2 JAN 1875, Marion County, Arkansas, d. 13 MAR 1960, Colcord, Deleware County, Oklahoma)
  • Steven Samuel Glenn (b. 28 AUG 1877, Marion County, Arkansas, d. UNK). Note that Steven Glenn married Ada Roxy Moore, a sister of William's wife, Emma Moore, as documented in the Moore Family Bible.

On 23 February 1879, Lewis remarried to Amanda "Mandy" Willis, or possibly Wells (b. 30 DEC 1853, Marion County, Arkansas, d. 24 FEB 1907, Arkansas or Delaware County, Oklahoma), with whom he had many children:

  • Millard Boyd Glenn, b. 30 DEC 1879, Marion County, Arkansas, d. 11 May 1967, Jay, Delaware County, Oklahoma
  • Anna Eliza Glenn, b. 19 OCT 1881, Marion County, Arkansas, d. UNK
  • John Murphy Glenn, b. 4 JAN 1883, Marion County, Arkansas, d. 19 MAR 1917, Dalhart, Dallam County, Texas
  • James Edward "Edd" Glenn, b. 18 MAR 1885, Madison County, Arkansas, d. 20 SEP 1974, Concord, California
  • Una Mae Glenn, b. 27 MAY 1886, Marion County, Arkansas, d. 1973
  • Thomas Harrison Glenn, b. 18 AUG 1888, Marion County, Arkansas, d. 5 JUN 1951, Colcord, Delaware County, Oklahoma
  • Lottie Elizabeth Glenn, b. 23 JUL 1891, Delaware County, Arkansas, d. UNK
  • Mary Adeline Glenn, b. 29 JUN 1897, Marion County, Arkansas, d. 6 SEP 1960, Seminole, Seminole County, Oklahoma

In the 1880 U.S. Federal Census for Tomahawk Township, Marion County, Arkansas, we find the following:

1880 U.S. Federal Census, Tomahawk, Marion County, Arkansas, p. 82

Name           Color Sex Age  Relationship Occupation  Place of Birth  Father's    Mother's
Glenn Louis      W    M   28                            Arkansas       South Carl   VA
    Mandy        W    F   27   Wife                     Arkansas       N.C.         N.C.
    William      W    M    6   Son                      Arkansas       Ark.         Ark.
    Sarah        W    F    5   daughter                 Arkansas       Ark.         Ark.
    Steven       W    M    2   Son                      Arkansas       Ark.         Ark.

Note that the listing for Lewis' father's birthplace raises confusion as to whether his father was actually the elder Lewis or Samuel, since the elder Lewis was listed in earlier census records as being born in Tennessee and Samuel in South Carolina. These contradictions caused me to initially conclude that Lewis S.' father was Samuel, but it is the general consensus of Glenn family researchers that the elder Lewis is his father. Of course, this (or the earlier census entries) may have been an error. I big clue regarding this lineage can be found in the name Lewis Sion Glenn itself. I've only found the middle name spelled out on his gravestone and nowhere else, but I suspect that it is a mis-spelling of "Scion." If this is the case, then his name would literally mean "Son of Lewis Glenn."

This family cannot be found in 1890, but then again most of the census records for that year were destroyed by a fire. We find the family in the 1900 U.S. Federal Census (with mis-indexing Lewis' first name as "Lon") in Round Prairie Township, Benton County, Arkansas, again with numerous discrepancies in parents' birth places:

1900 U.S. Federal Census, Round Prairie Township, Benton County, Arkansas, p. 3B

Name             Relation  Color Sex   Birth   Age Place of Birth  Father's        Mother's
                                      Mon Year
Glenn Louis      Head      W      M   Dec 1851  48  Arkansas       North Carolina  Virginia
      Manda      Wife      W      F   Dec 1853  46  Arkansas       North Carolina  North Carolina
      Ana E.     Daughter  W      F   Oct 1882  17  Arkansas       Arkansas        North Carolina
      John M.    Son       W      M   Jan 1883  17  Arkansas       Arkansas        North Carolina
      James E.   Son       W      M   Mar 1885  15  Arkansas       Arkansas        North Carolina
      Una M.     Daughter  W      F   May 1886  14  Arkansas       Arkansas        North Carolina
      Thomas H.  Son       W      M   Aug 1889  11  Arkansas       Arkansas        North Carolina
      Lotta E.   Daughter  W      F   Jul 1892   7  Arkansas       Arkansas        North Carolina
      Mary A.    Daughter  W      F   Jun 1898   1  Arkansas       Arkansas        North Carolina

The family shows up again in 1910 after Mandy's death in Round Prairie Township, Benton County, Arkansas:

1910 U.S. Federal Census, Round Prairie Township, Benton County, Arkansas, p. 3A

Name             Relation  Sex Color Age   Place of Birth  Father's         Mother's
Glenn, Lewis S.  Head       M    W    58   Arkansas        North Carolina   Virginia
     James E.    Son        M    W    25   Arkansas        Arkansas         Arkansas
     Una M.      Daughter   F    W    22   Arkansas        Arkansas         Arkansas
     Thomas H.   Son        M    W    21   Arkansas        Arkansas         Arkansas
     Lottie E.   Daughter   F    W    18   Oklahoma        Arkansas         Arkansas
     Mary A.     Daughter   F    W    12   Arkansas        Arkansas         Arkansas

Once again, we are faced with contradictory information about the birthplace of Lewis' father.

Among my late mother's belongings, we found a handwritten note which seems to describe this photo. I was able to verify this based on the count of individuals, the order of genders, and the one person in the picture I could readily recognize from other photos, my great-grandfather Billy Glenn. Unfortunately, I've not yet been able to determine who wrote the note. The note reads:
Standing L to R.
Floyd Glenn
Ida (Glenn) Ames
Lottie Glenn x
Dave Ames
Ed Glenn x
Billy Glenn x
Henry Glenn - my father in law
Anni (Glenn) Crawford x
Gradon Glenn
Tom Glenn x
Millard Glenn x
Stella Glenn
Steve Glenn x
Stella Ward
Una (Glenn) Moore x
Addie (Glenn) Spurlock x

Sitting L to R.
Chester Glenn x
Lewis Glenn x
Jake Glenn
Bass Glenn
Lottie Glenn - wife
Cora Swicegood x
Kate (Glenn) Swicegood x
Curtis Glenn x
Bruce Glenn x
(document is damaged here - it may not be "Bruce")
Nellie Crawford (Standing) x
John Swicegood x
Glen Crawford x

This Picture was take (sic) on the West side of the house Grandpa had built on Flint Creek West of Siloam Springs Ark. In the Union school district where some of his children went to school.

This picture is two familys (sic) of Glenns. Our bunch and Uncle Baszil Glenn sometimes called Bass. He and Grandpa Lewis were neighbors as you know Aunt Stella was one of his daughters and married Uncle Milard. Later I married one of his grandaughters and so when we have the Glenn reunion both bunches attend. I will try to name these for you.

Floyd Glenn gave these names to me a couple years ago. He is now 83 and celbrated their 65th anniversity (sic) at our reunion.

I will use an X beside the name that is _Our_ side, all others will be the Bass Glenn bunch.

Regarding the reference to the location of the house, it should be pointed out that Siloam Springs, Arkansas lies right along the Arkansas/Oklahoma border. Flint Creek is approximately six or seven miles to the west in Delaware, County, Oklahoma. (Oklahoma achieved statehood just ten years before this photo was taken.)

James Basil "Bass" Glenn is a grandson of the Jacob Glenn mentioned earlier.

Caption on back reads:
March 1917
Back Row -
Ed - Una - Tim - Lottie - Addie.
Billy - Kay - Steve - Millard - Annie
Front Row-
Grandpa Lewis Glenn
His wife - Amanda
Son - John

Note the empty chairs for individuals who were deceased at the time the photo was taken. Amanda was Amanda "Mandy" Willis, Lewis' second wife. John M. Glenn, Lewis and Amanda's son, died on March 9, 1917. It is likely that these photos were taken when the family gathered for his funeral. Billy was William Franklin Glenn, my great-grandfather. His mother was Lewis' first wife, Eliza C. Casey.

In searching the 1920 and 1930 census records, I've come across the following entries which indicate that Lewis Sion Glenn may have married yet a third time:

1920 U.S. Federal Census, Township 2, part of Mosely Precinct No. 17, Delaware County, Oklahoma, p. 13A

Name             Relation  Sex Color Age   Place of Birth  Father's         Mother's
Glenn Louis       Head      M    W    68     Arkansas      Tennessee        Virginia
  Julia A.        Wife      F    W    52     Missouri      Tennessee        Tennessee

1930 U.S. Federal Census, Mosely, Delaware County, Oklahoma, p. 4A

Name             Relation  Sex Color Age   Place of Birth  Father's         Mother's
Glenn Henry F.     head     M    W    33     Oklahoma      Arkansas         Arkansas
    Gladis         wife     F    W    29     Missouri      Illinois         Missouri
    Edgar J.       Son      M    W     6     Oklahoma      Oklahoma         Missouri
    Helen C.      daughter  F    W  4 3/12   Oklahoma      Oklahoma         Missouri
    Neva V.       daughter  F    W  2 7/12   Oklahoma      Oklahoma         Missouri
    Forest Jr.     Son      M    W   8/12    Oklahoma      Oklahoma         Missouri
Glenn Lewis S.     head     M    W    78     Arkansas      North Carolina   Virginia
    Julia A.       wife     F    W    60     Missouri      Tennessee        Tennessee

I believe that the neighboring Henry F. Glenn is a son of James Basil "Bass" Glenn discussed in the photo caption above. There may be some significance to Gladis (or Gladys) and Julia both being from Missouri, in terms of how Julia and Lewis came to meet.

On a recent trip, I visited Bloomfield Cemetery, just west of Gentry in Benton County, Arkansas, where Lewis S. Glenn, Amanda, John, Una, and granddaughter Norma Jean are all buried.

1 Social Security Death Index, Social Security Administration
2 Texas Death Indexes, 1903-2000. Austin, TX, USA: Texas Department of Health, State Vital Statistics Unit

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