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Moore Family Bible

My father, Henry James Martin is fortunate to have in his posession the Bible of his maternal grandmother, Bithia Elizabeth (Keith) Isom. Tucked into it were photocopies from the Moore family Bible, originally belonging to the family of my mother's paternal granmother, Emma (Moore) Glenn. It seems that my grandfather Aden Glenn had given the bible to my mother at some point, but later took it back, but not before my mother made these photocopies. The eventual fate of this bible is unknown.

This Bible contains a wealth of genealogical info on the Moores. Follow these links to images:


    [Text on back of photo]
    Martha Caroline (Brock) Moore
    Born: 21 May 1850
    Died: 21 June 1925
    Married Aden Walter Moore
    28 Jan 1865

    They had 14 children
    Roana, Mary, Amanda, Andrew,
    Charity, John, Emma, Rufus,
    Ada, Joe, Crawford, Nanie,
    Walter, George + raised a granddaughter
    Cora Ann Lamkin
    [Page of notes] A W Moore Miss.
    M C Brock Miss Marred[sic] Jan. 28 - 1865

    Aden Walter Moore 6-4 1836
    Martha Caroline Brock 5-21 1850

    Born Wasata[sic] Co Ark.
    Ouachita[sic] County, Ark.
    (Not varified[sic])
    This Certifies
    A. W. Moore of Miss or Georgia
    Aden Walter
    and M. C. Brock of Miss.
    Martha Caroline
    on 28 Jan 1865 at Bride's home
    by Justice Bartlett
    [Notes: the "or Georgia" was written later in another hand, as were the interlinear notations of the bride and groom's full names. A note in the margin reads: "Note. 1900 on Cences Tarrant, Co., Texas Shows: A.W. Moore of Georgia"]
    Aden Walter
    In Georgia

    Roana Moore
    Dec. 28 1867

    Mary Moore
    July 19, 1869

    Sarah Amanda Moore
    July 19, 1873

    Charity Moore
    Jan. 1, 1875

    John Moore
    Jan. 10, 1877

    Emma L. Moore
    born July 21, 1878

    Rufus G. Moore
    Feb. 27, 1880
    M. Caroline
    In: Mississippi

    Ada Roxie Moore
    Nov. 13, 1881

    Joseph Wm. (Joe) Moore
    born May 3, 1883

    Crawford L. Moore
    Feb. 5, 1885

    Nanie Caroline Moore
    Nov. 9 1886.

    Walter Aden Moore
    born Jan. 28 1889

    George W. Moore
    Dec. 9, 1890

    Cora Ann Lamkin
    Feb. 16 1891
    Granddaughter of Moores
    raised by grandparents


    Miss Mary Moore
    To: Lewis Lamkin Sept
    12, 1888 Age:19
    [Margin note: Lewis Lamkin
    1st Marriage]

    Miss Roana
    Moore To: Lewis Lamkin 2nd marriage
    Aug 8, 1891. Age 24

    Sarah Amanda
    Moore married
    Feb 5, 1893. Age 23
    [Margin note: Married
    Henry Barten
    Ellis County, TX]

    Miss Emma L.
    Moore Age 22
    Aug. 12, 1900
    [Margin note: Married
    Wm. F. Glenn
    Saginaw, TX.]

    Miss Ada Roxie
    Moore Age 19
    Aug. 12, 1900
    [Margin note: Married
    Steve S. Glenn
    Saginaw, TX.]

    Mr. Joe (Joseph Wm.) Moore
    To Nancy (Allie) Allen Lamkin July
    7, 1907 Age 24
    [Margin note: Married Camden

    Mr. Rufus G. Age 29
    Moore to: Stella Howard
    Dec. 25, 1909
    Chillocathe Texas
    Miss (Nancy or) Nanie Caroline
    To: Walter Jefferson Hicks
    Dec. 18 1910 Age 24

    Mr. George W. Age 23
    Moore To: Maudie Winnett
    Sept 21, 1913 Age 18

    Mr. John Moore Age 40
    To: Sue Lamkin
    Dec. 9, 1917

    Mr. Walter Moore age 43
    To Ethel (Gross) Kerlee Nov. 26

    Miss Cora A. Lamkin
    Moore granddaughter see below

    Crawford L. Moore 1920
    Married to: Age: 35
    1. Laura
    2. Era Bassham

    Cora Ann Lamkin granddaughter
    To: Charley Robert Murphy
    12-30-1908 - Chillicathe, Tex
    Cora Age 17

    Deaths (Margin Notes shown in brackets)

    A. W. Moore (Father)
    June 6 1909
    (Aden Walter)
    Saginaw, TX]

    Mary (Moore) Lamkin
    died March 1, 1891
    1891 Buried: Purifoy Cemetery, Chedister Ark.
    Purifoy Cemetery
    Chidester Ark.]

    Andrew Moore
    died Sept 20, 1876
    1876 Purifoy Cemetery Chidester Ark.
    Purifoy Cemetery
    Chidester Ark.]

    Charity Moore
    Jan. 28
    1908 Buried: Saginaw, Tex
    Saginaw, Tex]

    M. C. Moore (Mother)
    died June 21, 1925
    The dear sweet
    Mother at Rest
    God Bless her
    sweet soul.
    Saginaw, TX]

    John Moore
    died March 3, 1950
    Buried: Bell Cemetery - Chidester, Ark
    Amanda Carter - Buried: Saginaw, Tex
    Nov - 13 - 1942

    Roana Lamkin
    died 8-5-1945 Buried: Bell Cemetery Chidester, Ark

    Ada Glenn -Died May 19, 1951 Buried: Saginaw, Tex

    Crawford Moore
    Died Nov. 2, 1963 Buried: Saginaw, Tex

    Emma L. Glenn 1-26-1972
    Buried: Plainview Memorial Park
    Plainview, Texas

    Nanie C. Hicks
    Died Aug. 24 1965
    Buried: Matador, Tex

    Walter Aden Moore 5-9-1966 Buried Saginaw, Tex

    Rufus G. Moore 9-18-1966
    Big Valley Cemetery - Medicine Mounds, Tex
    [Transcriber's note: "Mounds" is indistinct in the photocopy, but there is indeed a Big Valley Cemetery in Medicine Mounds, TX]

    George Washington Moore - 1-20-1970
    Buried: Ash Creek, Azle, Tex.

    Cora Ann (Lampkin) Lamkin Murphy
    May 24, 1967 - (Granddaughter)
    Buried: Ash Creek, Azle, Tex.

    Joseph Wm. Moore (Joe)
    Buried: Bell Cemetery Chidester, Ark.

    [Transcript of what appears to be a church membership transfer] Miss Charity Moore
    Church Letter

    This is to certify that Sister Charity Moor[sic] is in fullfellowship with the Saginaw Missionary Baptis[sic] Church of Christ and is here by Dismissed when Joined to another of Same faith and order

    This done in Conference Aug 23e A.D. 1903
    Bro. AG Summrall
    Mod - pro tem
    JW Davis
    Church Clerk