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Questions to be researched...

Here are some of the current outstanding questions in the lines I am investigating:


Who were the parents of John Miller Martin and his siblings, and where exactly in South Carolina was he born?


What is the correct date of birth for John Wesley Berry, and who were his parents?


Need info about the parents of James Isom (husband of Altamira Rhea). Also need to fill in line for wife of Valentine Caroll Isom (Mary A. Connell).


Was Matthew "The Rebel" Rhea originally a Campbell of Skipness prior to fleeing Scotland after the Monmouth Rebellion and changing his name? Here is my proof that The Rebel was NOT the Matthew Campbell listed in Burke's Landed Gentry in line of the Campbell's of Skipness. Also, I have requested copies of the Rhea Family Papers from the TN State Archives.


Who was the father of Louis (Lewis) S. Glenn? Online trees list a Lewis Glenn, but my study of census records leads me to suspect that is was actually Lewis' brother, Samuel...


Need parents for Aden Walter Moore.


Need parents for Martha Caroline Brock.


Is John Pace Jr. a direct descendant of Richard Pace of Colonial Jamestown, VA? Is Richard Pace of Jamestown related in any way to Dr. Richard Pace of the court of King Henry VIII?


Need parents for Martha Elizabeth Petty (wife of Jesse Kirby Harris Pace).


Curious about ancestry of "Black David" Campbell. Can he be traced to Scotland? Which Campbell clan?


Need to verify sources for Kirby/Kerby line.


Need to verify possible ancestry for William Henry McCune (see intro to transcripts of McCune family histories from WINDMILLING).


Need more info about N.S. Boyles, and name of his wife.


Across the board, I need to finish transcribing the census records I've tracked down and acquire other documentation to verify some of the speculative trees that I've grafted in...